Thursday, July 8, 2010

Questions from Frota& Moore response

Questions from Frota& Moore response

Frota states that the Navajo film project is different from Mekaron Opoi D’joi because Adair and Worth explained to the Navajo the reasons why the Navajo should make films even though their interest was low. Is the Mekaron Opoi D’joi project similar to the Navajo project in that the filmmakers came with specific research goals that they wanted to see completed? Why or why not?

I think the project is different because in the case of the Kayapo the anthropologist show them the possibilities and the benefices of this new tool of this “weapon”. The case of the Navajo is completely different they were expose to a tool that they didn’t find useful. They thought it wouldn’t hurt but also it wouldn’t do any good like the example with the “sheeps”. They were instructed to do whatever they wanted with the cameras and yes the anthologist had a goal. The goal was to analyze footage like if it was language to read video language like if it was and extension of their culture and not the result of people just exposed to a new technology.

With the Kayapo there was a goal also the goal was to “empower” like we said yesterday to made them realize the power of this tool and with that awaken their interest. I think the projects are totally different but I don’t know to which extent any of these projects is related to work of an anthologist or an ethnographer.


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